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Bubbles likes to party. With a name like that how can he not? But don’t be fooled. He can be serious when he needs to be, seriously serious.


Marty has an IQ of 36. What? You don't think that's smart? It's downright genius considering this little guy is one small piece of candy.


Chomper has been known to sneak into a movie or two, dive into a box of popcorn, and even swing off an armrest to land on his round side.


Don't look at Wobbles like that. If you had chocolaty curves instead of pliable joints, you wouldn't be scooching about gracefully either.


One day, Josher was driving to work and spilled coffee on his tie. He just went with it. Rocked that new barista smell.


Stranger's not so strange once you get to know him. What's weird about hovering at the edge of a bunch of candy, eyes wide with wonder?