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Tell Us What You Would Do with TWIZZLERS Candy

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  • i would make a bow
    kayla from New York

  • I eat them!
    rebbeca belwood from Virginia

  • i will pull them apart and stack them in different formations
    raeanne from Illinois

  • me and my sisters use them as straws with sprite soda!
    raeanne from Illinois

  • I like to tie them in a knot one piece at a time...chocolate is my favorite
    Jeff from Utah

    JOHN from North Carolina

  • I take the strawberry ones and dip them in milk chocolate and make chocolate covered twizzlers. They are a fave of all now.
    Janice from Illinois

  • I use them as a snorkel
    Becca from New York

  • Tie one strand into a double-knot making it one huge bite of licorice before stuffing the entire thing into my mouth. Sickening satisfying overload of sweetness.
    William from Virginia

  • I used to bite off the ends of the old time Chocolate twizzlers, then use it as a straw to drink my milk, and then EAT THE REST!
    Carol from Florida

  • twizzlers get me excited and to jump into my afternoon work! i work with a smile on my face from ear to ear!!! gotta love me
    Fanetta from Pennsylvania

  • I Freeze them and then use them as straws! :)
    Chelsea from New York

  • I eat them on top of my cereal. I may sound odd but it's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    joe from Delaware

  • I suck on them until they disintigrate into goodness
    Guy joe from Alabama

  • I enjoy eating the peel and pulls I like to bend them so that they are the shape of a mouth piece and just chew on them.
    Ken from Indiana

  • I enjoy Twizzlers as I take my morning walk.
    Roy from New York

  • Just plain eat 'em.
    lisa from Virginia

  • EAT THEM!!!!
    Kelley from Florida

  • i take a tiny bite from each end and use them as drinking straws. they make water taste so much better. :)
    brandy from Texas

  • I hide them then eat them when nobody is around. heeeee
    Tammera from Washington

  • i love twizzlers and so my kids, the best ones that they like are the new chocolate but they would even be better with them filled in the middle.
    carie from South Carolina

  • I eat them on long road trips for work and at home I sometimes use them as straws.
    Gary from Massachusetts

  • i eat them at the movies, nice 'n slow
    Alec from New Jersey

  • i cut the tips off and use it to drink soda and i put them on birthday cakes
    gina from Alabama

  • When I was little, I would bite both ends off of two strips and use them as straws in my milk! :-)
    Raven from Indiana

  • My mom asked for Twizzlers for Christmas so my siblings and I are going to take the individually wrapped ones in the tub and spell out 'Merry Christmas Mom' on the lawn!
    SamanthaI'm My from Georgia

  • I always peel each individual strand apart, tie them in a knot, and then put it n my mouth. That way, it last longer through the movie!
    Claire from Georgia

  • I gather my grandkids around me and hand them out one by one as I tell them stories about me growing up and how always having twizzlers to share was the start to many freindships.
    Terry from Tennessee

  • I bite off each end and use it as a straw to drink my Orange Juice :)
    Haley from Pennsylvania

  • i really love eating twizzlers candy i like the rainbow color they are such to eat
    barbara from New York

  • i love it i will break them one and throw them and try to catch them in my mouth
    carter from New York

  • Instant cure for MORNING SICKNESS! No joke. If your preggers...grab a bag of Twizzlers! Leave them on your nightstand and keep the sickness away!
    Amanda from Washington

  • I freeze them and eat them one by one still frozen. Slows down how fast I can eat them. I love them.
    Theresa from Texas

  • Twist it around a pretzel and chase it with sprite
    Emily from Pennsylvania

  • I also use the licorice, to help my son out with his math homework. Then he will eat them as a treat.
    Jennifer from Kentucky

  • I like to use my licorice as a straw, to drink my favorite soft drink. As I'm finish with my drink, I eat my straw.
    Jennifer from Kentucky

  • I do use them as straws but -if they came in GREEN too, I'd make xmas wreaths you can eat from them.
    Chanda from West Virginia

  • I let them melt in my mouth & then I eat more!!!
    Debra from Oregon

  • I drink sports drinks and use them as straws
    Annie from Kentucky

  • i freeze them until there rock hard and then naw off the ends use it as a straw and then take bites and suck on them till they are soft =)
    Rexxii from New York

  • Every Thanksgiving I make a dessert for the grand kids as well as the adults. This year I'm using the multi colored twizzlers as the feathers for my cupcake turkeys along with other ingredients
    Irv from New Jersey

  • i eat them while i am driving
    jose from New Hampshire

  • i bite off the ends and use it as a straw for sprite it is my fav.
    gloria from Florida

  • me and some of my grandkids like to knit with them, all my grandkids LOVE getting "twizzlerknits" in thir lunch! : D
    Candy rockwell from Alabama

  • My friends and I use to buy 30-40 packages at a time and use them to make twizzler bouquet's of flowers and afterwards we would auction them off and donate the money to charity
    Nick from Ohio

  • i take the regular twirlers and rip them in half then break those into little pieces and eat them like that.
    Bethany from California

  • I like to bite of the ends and then use them as a straw when I drink soda:)
    Tiffany from Pennsylvania

  • They taste excellent with cold water.
    Brandi from Texas

  • I decorate my cupocakes and other baked goods with them, especially the nibs. Those are my favorites. ;)
    Kelly B from Pennsylvania

  • I use them as straws in my milk.
    valerie from Illinois

  • I like the hershey chocolate twizzlers are great.
    devin from Arizona

  • Drink water!
    Jeremy from New Jersey

  • I use them as earrings
    Bill from Arkansas

  • i tie them in knots and use as a straw.
    anthony from Pennsylvania

  • They are the best candy ever! I like to use Pull-and-Peel and split each Pull-and-Peel into 1/9ths, then eat them one by one!
    Joel from Michigan

  • I always have Twizzlers with me! People come up to me and ask me for some because they know I always have them!
    Kayton from Arkansas

  • make a long string with it tying it together
    Colie from Georgia

  • I rip apart all the strips of the different colored twizzlers and then i mix and match them with other strips!
    (: from Wyoming

  • I eat them. :L
    Emily from California

  • I am a HR director and I have twizzler Tuesdays. I pass out twizzlers to all employees. they love it!!!!
    Sheila from Alabama

  • My siblings and I used them for sword fights.
    Pagano from Pennsylvania

  • When I was a kid we used feed them to squirrels, in Philadephia they actually eat them.
    Pagano from Pennsylvania

  • Freeze them, rock hard; great treat in the summer months.
    Pagano from Pennsylvania

  • I loveeee Twizzlers so much, my kids call me T-Wizzler
    T-Wizler from New York

  • I take the tangy fillet twizzlers and make different shapes. One time I made a red and yellow american flag. I support our troops!
    Courtney from South Carolina

  • I would make a purse or basket with them
    Annie from Pennsylvania

  • I love eating them while watching tv
    joan from Rhode Island

  • I eat TWIZZLERS the same exact way they come like a sandwich, lol. I do not pick them apart! .. TWIZZLERS are delicious and VEGAN!!
    Bedazz'elle from Pennsylvania

  • I eat them one nibble at a time. Mostly I am here to comment on the new, wonderful twizzlers-sweet and sour that are filled with delicious goo.
    Dennis from Montana

  • Take off the ends and sip a cool white wine spritzer. It is still summer in AZ folks!
    kay from Arizona

  • I like to take them by strands and make teeth braces!!!!!
    Savannah from Indiana

  • I like to drink coke or pepsi through them like a straw its pretty good.
    Jesse from Tennessee

  • I hang them from my mouth and bite pieces off alittle at a time until it's gone.
    Corey from Kansas

  • I use each strand as hair when making a figure artifully on a cake or on a gingerbread house for many things.
    mar from New Jersey

  • I eat them slowly one by one because I love the cherry or black licorce flavor. Am I making you hungry yet? Hey, I wish I had one now. Love them! I'm Cynthia from Pennsylvania
    Cynthia from Pennsylvania

  • I like to take two sweet and sour twizzlers and wrap them in fruit roll ups :) It's a super delicious wrap!
    Nyssa from Michigan

  • I tie 'em in a knot and see how far I can eat it before it breaks.
    Mandy from Minnesota

  • i eat them one at a time, starting at the bottom and eating them like spaghhetti.
    luci from Oklahoma

  • I had one at a summer get together that had one end dipped in melted chocolate that was similar to a pretzel rod dipped in chocolate. I want to try to make some very soon.
    Susan from Pennsylvania

  • I like to take the pull and peels and pull them one by one, tie em together in one long line. And then my friends and I see who can eat their line the fastest!
    Jamal from Texas

  • i like chocolate twist..Nom Nom Nom..i always eat it with milk (^^) <3
    Grumpy Man from New York

  • I use them to Drink my Chocolate Milk. Or any drink
    Stephen from North Carolina

  • i put them on Haloween cookies!you unstring them and make them into a swirly eyes or a nose most likley legs!its delicious !try it!!!!!!!I wish u all a happy Halloween!!!!
    Angela :P I am 9 from Tennessee

  • I use chocolate twizzlers as a straw with chocolate milk!
    Franco Ferragonio from Pennsylvania

  • I make custom jewlery and once they look cute enough, I eat them =)
    Bunny from Texas

  • One day I got so bored I got my friends together and we built a "house of cards" with twizzlers that was probably around two and a half feet was pretty epic.
    Matt from Virginia

  • with the pull and peel, use them to decorate my pumpkin!!!
    Crystal from Virginia

  • i eat em 2 at a time
    Kemar from Florida

  • i eat one its good
    juan from Georgia

  • Keep them in my purse so when I'm in class I can have relief of my complete boredom!
    Christine from New York

  • My grandson & i bite the ends off & blow air through them at each other as we eat them...licorice straws.
    Kiim from Illinois

  • mix the strawberry and the hersheys twists chocolate twizzlers is like heaven yummy
    heather from Michigan

  • Since I was a kid, I have always bitt both ends off and used as a straw with my favorite soda pop. The acid of the pop softens it , then eat it.
    Patricia from Nebraska

  • I eat them all the time
    Joshua from South Carolina

  • i use the twizzlers pull n peels and i braid them and wrap them around homeade rice krispy treats.i HAVE to have that treat whenever i go camping instead of having smores
    alex from Idaho

  • i put them on my braces and when i get hungry (in middle of the night) i eat them yumsicles
    bella from Alabama

  • i cover my chicken with licorice bits yum delicious try go ahead
    bella from Alabama

  • make a little city out of them
    rodrigo from Texas

  • i just eat them iam also eating them right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    rodrigo from Texas

  • I love 2 eat them at the cinema. I always eat the pull n peel but now iv started eatind the sweet n sour theyre the best
    Rainbow-Licious from Florida