Super Fans with a Big Bite

To Be A Reptile

March 4, 2013

By Joey Bland

Super Fans With A Big Bite



Wow. The O Dome gets loud. That’s in large part due to the Rowdy Reptiles. And this week, I got to join them for a bit of the game. I’ll say this – it’s easy to be a Gator fan, but it’s not easy to be a Reptile. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of skill. So for those of you who think you wouldn’t mind being a Rowdy Reptile one day, here’s some advice from someone who gave it his best shot:

  1. Bring something old, something new, something orange, something blue. You can actually skip the first two. Orange and blue abound in the O Dome, but in the Reptile section, once known as Rowdy Town, they are a must. Shirts, pants, shorts, hats, leotards…they all must match the color palette. Wear something red? You’re outta there.
  2. Work the delts. Spend some time in the gym exercising your shoulder muscles. You will do the Gator Chomp more than once. You will, in fact, lose track of how many times you do it. You will essentially never stop doing it, so make sure your body is ready. I can’t lift my right arm above my waist right now.
  3. Follow the leader. There’s a President of the Rowdy Reptiles. If you can find him, obey your commander-in-chief. If not, that’s OK. He seems to have done a good job delegating. Everyone there knows when to do what. There’s a ritual that comes with a basket, with a foul shot made, with a possession won, with everything. If a point guard hits a layup, falls down, and then coughs, there is probably some chant and dance that the Reptiles are required to perform. Move with the group. They move as one.
  4. Bring ear protection, and warm up your voice. It will be loud, and the loudest thing will be you.

That covers the basics. Living with the Reptiles is a workout, and with the proper preparation, you can lose your voice and your mind with the rest of these loonies.

Writing because I can’t talk,
Joey Bland

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