Practice Made Perfect

The Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Seen

March 4, 2013

By Joey Bland

At the Joe Craft Center at UK, I tried out the amenities. The [painfully] cold tub. The [blessedly] hot tub. The weight room. It was great. I used a lot of very impressive stuff. Very cool.

Practice Made Perfect

But what bothers me is what I saw and never got to touch. It really all boils down to one thing…a treadmill.

This is not about one of those run-of-the-mill (pun absolutely intended!!!) exercise machines that we’ve all used at the gym before. The one that you accidentally sped up too fast – so fast that you nearly launched yourself across county lines. To those machines, no matter how high-tech, I say, “Yawn.”

And I can say that because I’ve seen the special treadmill at Joe Craft. Here’s the thing. It’s at least twice as wide as any treadmill you’ve ever been on. Not impressed? OK, try this. It has cameras attached that record the movements of your legs. What’s that? You think you can do the same thing with your smartphone? Fine. Well, this treadmill has special shoes that come with it. Laugh if you want. But it’s an extra-wide, video-recording treadmill with its own accessories. I think that’s pretty cool.

Oh. Did I forget to mention? IT’S UNDERWATER!!!!!!!!!! Yes, this treadmill is under about four feet of water. It’s apparently used to aid in injury recuperation. Whatever. This is space program stuff! A treadmill underwater? What’s next? A weight bench in constant freefall? A stationary bicycle that’s not stationary? This was the future, and I saw it. I only wish I could’ve taken a spin on that thing. No such luck. I guess I’ll have to wait until the year 3000 when we all have one in our space pods. Here’s hoping.

Mind Blown,
Joey Bland

P.S. What piece of technology ever made your jaw drop?

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