Instant Final Four® Communities

April 26, 2013

By Chad Smith

It’s enough to give even the most seasoned travel agent nightmares.

Instant Communities

The very nanosecond the Elite 8® becomes The Final Four®, thousands of fans scurry to book everything from plane flights and hotels to horse-drawn carriages and pontoons if it will get them to the championship games.

Atlanta may be home to State Capital, but during Final Four® it belongs to an instant community of b-ball fans. Each school stakes claim to a hotel and favorite watering hole.

Yeah, I gotta admit it. Walking towards the Georgia Dome near game time is like a four-way game of dodge ball. I had to slip and move my way through the red-clad citizens of “Card Nation,” the bright orange of Syracuse, the maize and blue of the Wolverines, and the shocking yellow and black garb of Wichita State.

If you’re going to the Final Four® be prepared to bring your A-game – a raucous assortment of yelling, chanting, singing, high-fiving, and fist bumping. Fortunately, we’ve captured it all on video for your viewing pleasure.

So what did I learn on the packed streets of Atlanta? The locals are incredible hosts. Music is everywhere. And even with all the rivalries, one thing can bring fans together: The distinctive orange, yellow and brown of a REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup.

Ah, the taste of victory.

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