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March 4, 2013

By Joey Bland

I wandered around Cameron Indoor Stadium a lot on Thursday. What a cool place! I saw the court from up high, and I got down on the court, and I saw the museum too. At least I think I did. They told me there was a museum, and I think I found it. But I can’t be sure because, frankly, every part of Cameron Indoor Stadium looked like a museum to me.

Home Court Advantage

Up in the rafters there was tapestry after tapestry touting the victories of days past. The floor was a work of art, titled with the artist’s name – apparently a “Coach K.” In the entranceway there was an exhibit telling me of the history of the building I had just entered. Timelines, photographs, quotes, milestones … everywhere. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that right next to the History of Cameron Indoor Stadium display, there was a History of the History of Cameron Indoor Stadium Display display. I can’t be sure. I saw a lot of displays.

Up on level two, there was no wall left untouched. Here’s a photo of 1946’s starters. Here’s 1961’s team. Here’s an action shot from 1986’s ACC tournament. And here’s a picture of some freshman from 1992 with a flattop and overalls who’s not on the team but who’s holding a ticket to the game. Does anything happen in this building that goes undocumented?

Eventually I found the Hall of Fame and some great exhibits on all things related to Duke Sports. I figured this must be the museum too, but where does it start, and where does the stadium itself end? I don’t think there’s an answer to that. In fact, I don’t even think the building’s walls can hold all that history in. Consider me a Cameron exhibit that escaped. I’m titled Man Overwhelmed, a.k.a. New Fan.

Happy To Have Seen Too Much,
Joey Bland

P.S. What is your favorite world-famous landmark that you’ve visited?

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