REESE'S Peanut Butter Crème Eggs, 4.8 Ounce 4-Pack | REESE'S

These peanut butter crème eggs are a rounder, crèmier version of the REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs you know and love. Yes, crèmier isn't a word. #NotSorry

REESE'S PIECES Peanut Butter Pastel Easter Eggs, 12 Ounce | REESE'S

What do you get when you cross REESE'S PIECES Candy with colorful Easter eggs? You get these REESE'S PIECES Peanut Butter Pastel Eggs.

REESE’S White Peanut Butter Eggs, 7.2 Ounce 6-Pack | REESE'S

If you like white crème peanut butter eggs, you'll love this six-pack of REESE'S Eggs in white crème.

REESE’S Peanut Butter Eggs, 12 Ounce | REESE'S

Treat yourself to REESE'S Creamy Peanut Butter covered in rich milk chocolate, or make these two giant peanut butter eggs the stars of your Easter baskets.

REESE’S Peanut Butter Eggs Candy, 16.9 Ounce | REESE'S

The Easter bunny has trouble parting with REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs. But you won't, when you buy the big bag with over a pound of candy.

REESE’S Peanut Butter Crème Egg, 1.2 Ounce | REESE'S

Made with smooth peanut butter crème, REESE’S Peanut Butter Crème Eggs are a great addition to any Easter celebration.

REESE'S Peanut Butter Egg | REESE'S

It's the Easter candy you've been waiting for all year! The REESE’S Peanut Butter Egg is a fun seasonal twist on everyone’s favorite peanut butter cup.

REESE'S King Size Peanut Butter Eggs | REESE'S

Get REESE'S King Size Peanut Butter Eggs, and share the perfect combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate with a friend this Easter.

REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs, 10 Ounce Bag | REESE'S

Use REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs to fill Easter baskets and candy dishes with everyone's favorite combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate.

REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs, 6 Pack | REESE'S

The hunt is over. You've found not one but six REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs, the perfect Easter candy for filling baskets and sharing with friends.


It's the classic REESE'S Peanut Butter Egg, now stuffed with REESE'S PIECES. Enjoy a crunchy twist on Easter with a six pack to share.


It's the classic REESE'S Peanut Butter Egg, now stuffed with REESE'S PIECES Candy. Enjoy a crunchy twist on an Easter basket favorite.

REESE'S White Peanut Butter Eggs | REESE'S

If you love the taste of Peanut Butter, treat yourself to REESE’S White Crème Peanut Butter Eggs. They’re perfect for Easter baskets and springtime snacking.

REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs Candy, 8.5 Ounce | REESE'S

Why wait for Easter? A REESE'S Peanut Butter Egg is a delicious treat even when it isn't in an Easter basket. #NOTSORRY

REESE'S PIECES Pastel Easter Eggs Candy, 3.5 Ounce Bag | REESE'S

Enjoy a seasonal twist on the classic REESE'S PIECES flavor with these egg-shaped candies covered in a crunchy pastel shell.

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs | Not Sorry | REESE'S

We're here to help you figure out which REESE’S Peanut Butter Eggs are which, just in time to fill Easter baskets.


The classic REESE'S Peanut Butter Egg gets an upgrade with crunchy REESE'S PIECES Candy in every bite. Get the king-size so you have enough to share.

No Bake Butterscotch Haystacks | REESE'S | Recipes

Make these no-bake butterscotch haystacks with the kids. Get creative with your design and include chocolate eggs to make no-bake bird nests, too!

Peanut Butter Bunny Cake | REESE'S | Recipes

Your family and friends will hop with delight when they feast their eyes on your Peanut Butter Bunny Cakes. Definitely an Easter treat to remember.

REESE'S Miniature Cups Easter Bunny Gift Box | REESE'S

The perfect REESE’S Easter candy for every bunny! This bunny-shaped box of miniature peanut butter cups makes a great addition to any Easter celebration.

Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chip Brownie Bars | REESE'S | Recipes

Seriously delicious brownies with REESE'S Peanut Butter and milk chocolate chips and layers of flavors. Get the recipe and start eating!

Pumpkin Patch Brownie Cupcakes | REESE'S | Recipes

Perk up your Halloween party with these perfect Pumpkin Patch Brownie Cupcakes topped with REESE’S Peanut Butter Pumpkins.

Marbled Peanut Butter Brownies | REESE'S | Recipes

Get the perfect swirl of chocolate brownie and creamy REESE'S peanut butter for a delicious dessert! Get baking instructions and ingredients.

Chocolate Banana Muffins | REESE'S | Recipes

Bring a sweet chocolate flavor into your breakfast by using REESE'S Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread and chocolate chips in your banana muffins!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Oat Bars | REESE'S | Recipes

Great taste in every layer with these peanut butter oat bars, with a milk chocolate middle and topped with a peanut butter drizzle.

Fudgey Peanut Butter Chip Muffins | REESE'S | Recipes

Have an extra sweet morning with fudgey peanut butter chip muffins made with HERSHEY'S Cocoa and REESE'S Peanut Butter.

Half Time Fudgey Peanut Butter Brownies | REESE'S | Recipes

Surprise everyone on football Sunday with this dessert! Fudgey chocolate brownies with REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures with the touchdown!

Good Time Chocolate Cake | REESE'S | Recipes

This rich chocolate cake, covered in smooth, creamy chocolate frosting and topped with REESE'S Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups is perfect for any party.

Mini Chocolate Filled Whoopie Pies | REESE'S | Recipes

Use REESE'S Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread inside these chocolate mini whoopie pies for a bite sized but fully flavored dessert!

Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie | REESE'S | Recipes

Get baking instructions for a crunchy, crumbly pie filled with milk chocolate and REESE"S Peanut Butter chips and nuts. Add ice cream on top for an extra treat!

Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chip Studded Oatmeal Cookies | REESE'S | ...

Savory oatmeal cookies with a mouthful of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips for a REESE'S flavor. Get the ingredients and directions!

Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Chip Layered Cheesecake | REESE'S | Recipes

Chocolate and peanut butter in every layer! From the cocoa crust, to the chocolate and peanut butter chip middle, to the chocolate drizzled peanut butter cheesecake.

Peanut Butter Creme Blossoms | REESE'S | Recipes

A peanut butter flavored cookie, filled with peanut butter crème, and topped with a REESE'S Peanut Butter Mini Cup! So much peanut butter flavor.

Peanut Butter Cup Crumble Cake | REESE'S | Recipes

Get ingredients and instructions on how to make a rich chocolate cake, covered in creamy chocolate frosting, and topped with REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup crumbles!

Peanut Butter Cup Lovers Cheesecake | REESE'S | Recipes

If you love peanut butter cups, you'll love this cheesecake! Get the same chocolatey peanut butter flavors in a peanut butter crumb crust!

Peanut Butter Cup Mini Cupcakes | REESE'S | Recipes

Peanut butter flavored minicakes topped with miniature REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups and sprinkled powdered sugar for a sweet bite!

Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie Bars | REESE'S | Recipes

These peanut butter fudge brownie bars are topped with a layer of peanut butter, fudge and chopped pecans, so they taste as good as they look.

Peanut Butter Filled Whoopie Pies | REESE'S | Recipes

Try this version of whoopie pies that uses a peanut butter crème filling! Cookies made with HERSHEY'S Cocoa and filling made with REESE'S Peanut Butter.

Peanut Butter Cup Heart Valentine Cake | REESE'S | Recipes

It’s the Valentine’s season. And since we all heart cake, here’s a cake that hearts you back, thanks to REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures.

Pumpkin Bread | REESE'S | Recipes

Give your traditional pumpkin bread a little something extra with REESE'S Peanut Butter Chips with our recipe and ingredients!

REESE'S Blondies | REESE'S | Recipes

Blondies have always been delicious. But we took ‘em to the next level by adding Reese’s. And now you can too. #ReesesRemix #Baking

Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips | REESE'S | Recipes

Cookies with a cocoa flair and the defining taste of REESE'S Creamy Peanut Butter! Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake | REESE'S | Recipes

This peanut butter spin on cheesecake with a chocolate graham cracker crust is sure to please the peanut butter lover in your family.

Double Peanut Butter Cookies | REESE'S | Recipes

This dessert has double the peanut butter: a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter baking chips. Sure to please the peanut butter lover in your family.

Peanut Butter Blondie Cups | REESE'S | Recipes

Try this REESE'S Peanut Butter Blondie Cups recipe and find other cookies recipes using REESE'S products.

Peanut Butter Cup Minis Fun Filled Cookies | REESE'S | Recipes

These cookies are a sweet peanut butter delight in little cupcake shapes with a melty, chocolatey peanut butter cup in the middle!

Peanut Butter Cup Minis Fun Filled Brownies | REESE'S | Recipes

HERSHEY'S Cocoa brownies with REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup Minis sprinkled through the batter for an extra special and delicious dessert.

Peanut Butter Cup Sprinkled Brownies | REESE'S | Recipes

Try this Peanut Butter Cup Sprinkled Brownies recipe, made with REESE'S Mini Peanut Butter Cups and creamy peanut butter on top of a HERSHEY'S Cocoa brownie.

Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich Cookies | REESE'S | Recipes

Everyone will enjoy these textured and delicious peanut butter cookies with oats and melted peanut butter cups in between.

Peanut Butter Temptations | REESE'S | Recipes

Get out your muffin tin and bake the best peanut butter cookies you've ever tasted. Each one contains a chocolate peanut butter cup inside.

REESE'S PIECES Cup Cookies | REESE'S | Recipes

Our delicious combination of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, REESE’S PIECES Candies and brown sugar cookies. This recipe will fill your kitchen with smiles.

Take Me To A Picnic Cake | REESE'S | Recipes

No picnic with your family is complete without a dessert. This quick and easy recipe will have you on your way outdoors in no time.

Tiered Peanut Butter Cup Crumble Cake | REESE'S | Recipes

A 6-inch layer of chocolate decadence on an 8-inch layer of chocolate splendor. Add REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures and it’ll bring tiers to your eyes.

Confetti Brownies | REESE'S | Recipes

Rich fudgey brownies with chocolate frosting and REESE'S Mini Pieces sprinkled all over! The candy confetti adds a sweet crunch to the brownie dessert!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie Bites | REESE'S | Recipes

Use REESE'S Chocolate and Peanut Butter Spread on top of a fudgey brownie in a bite sized muffin cup to create a delicious mini treat!

REESE'S Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candy | HERSHEY'S

There’s only one place to see all the new peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness that REESE’S has to offer. It’s the website. This one, right here.

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