Reese's holiday landscape
REESE’S Trees Return

Way Better Than Dreaming About Sugar Plums

All you really want for Christmas is this REESE’S Wonderland. Or cash. To buy more REESE’S Trees.

Solve the Mystery

This Is Shaping Up to Be a Delicious Mystery

The only way to solve it is going to be to open the package and eat one of these new REESE’S Holiday Mystery Shapes. Take one for the team.

Solve the Mystery

Even More For the Wish List

The perfect combination is chocolate and peanut butter. But REESE’S Cups and the holidays work, too.
Reese's Holiday Gifts

Go Beyond the Peanut Butter Cup

These are the REESE’S gifts for the real fans. You know one of these people, because they’re everywhere.

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