Pretty Princess Egg Hunt Craft

Pretty Princess Egg Hunt




    Plastic eggs
    Sticker paper or cardstock (color is best when printed on glossy paper)
    Green Easter grass
    Glue stick or low temp hot glue gun
    Feather clip
    3/16" Round 12" dowel
    1" Roll hot pink with white dot satin ribbon
    White craft foam
    Hot pink paper bags
    Zebra scrapbook aper
    Self stick gems as embellishments
    Assorted Easter candies from Hershey and HERSHEY'S chocolates


    Create an egg hunt that's fit for a princess! This egg hunt is perfect for indoors or out, as weather permits, and children can enjoy this hunt on their own or as a group or team.
    Fill plastic eggs with Easter candies from Hershey and HERSHEY'S chocolates.
    Print out the crown stickers and adhere to the paper bags. (For the best results we recommend Sticker Project Paper from Avery #3383) Place green Easter grass into each of the bags and then add a princess wand or scepter.
    After the eggs are hidden, give each child a princess paper bag, give them a set amount of time to find all the eggs that they can, and let them go.
    Once the egg hunt is over, ask the children to count their eggs, the child with the most eggs will receive an extra special treat, we suggest a HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bunny.

    Fairy Wand/Princess Scepter
    Print our crown on paper or on sticker paper. (For the best results we recommend Sticker Project Paper from Avery #3383). Cut out a piece of craft foam as a backing for the crown, and then attach the printed crown to the foam.
    Wrap the dowel with pink satin ribbon and secure bottom of the wrapped ribbon with a touch of hot glue. Glue crown to the dowel and let dry completely. As a fun accent, clip the Feather boa clip behind the crown to the dowel (this allows the clip to be removed, if desired.)

    Pretty Princess Bag
    Measure across the top of a paper bag to determine the width and length of your zebra print flap. Mark the width on a piece of paper then fold in half and cut a curve to create a pattern for your flap. Using the curve as a guide, trace around the shape on the Zebra scrapbook paper and cut it out. Glue the paper to the outside of the bag, making sure to leave about 1" extra at the top of the bag. Fold the extra 1" of paper over the top edge of the bag and attach to the inside. Apply printed embellishment with jewels as desired.
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