REESE'S Miniature Advent Calendar Craft

REESE'S Miniature Advent Calendar

REESE'S Miniature Advent Calendar



    REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures or REESE'S Bells (holiday foils)
    12-inch square gift box
    Green pipe wire for dividers
    Store bought numbers for dates
    White craft glue or low temperature glue gun with glue sticks*


    1. Decorate outside of gift box with glitter.

    2. Cut 5 sections of pipe wire the same WIDTH as the inner dimension of box.

    3. Cut 3 sections of pipe wire the same LENGTH as the inner dimension of box.

    4. Glue pipe wire sections in box to form grid as pictured.

    5. Glue numbers from 1 to 24 sequentially in each square to represent the days of the month. Place a holiday wrapped candy in each square.

    Count down to the holiday as you remove a candy each day!

    * Hot melt glues should be used with adult supervision.