Easter Critter Cups Craft

Easter Critter Cups




    5 oz plastic cups
    Pipe cleaners or chenille stems
    Craft foam – pink, white and orange
    Wire cutters
    Low temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks
    Wiggle eyes
    Black magic marker
    Yellow feathers
    Construction paper – yellow and white
    Tape Easter grass
    A variety of HERSHEY'S Easter chocolates and candies


    Using the template cut out the construction paper and wrap it around the cup. Secure the construction paper ends together with tape.

    To make the handle, use the wire cutters to cut a pipe cleaner (chenille stem). Then with the glue gun, glue each end of the pipe cleaner to the inside of the cup. Let dry.

    For the bunny, use the white craft foam to cut out two separate ear shapes. Then use the pink foam to cut out the inner ear – mimic the shape of the larger white ear, but size it down slightly. With the glue gun, attach the pink foam onto the white foam and then glue the ears to the inside front of the cup. To create whiskers, take the wire cutters and cut a pipe cleaner into two equal pieces. Twist the whiskers into the desired shape and glue to the front of the cup. Let dry.

    For the duck, take the orange craft foam and cut out an oval shape to create a beak. Fold the craft foam in half and with the glue gun attach the beak at the fold to the front of the cup. For the feet, cut out a u-shape and on the straight side cut out little triangle pieces to create the toes (four toes for each foot). Glue the feet to the bottom of the cup. Let dry.

    Glue two wiggle eyes to the front of the cup near center.

    For the bunny, glue a pompom below the eyes for a nose and use the magic marker to draw the mouth and teeth.

    For the duckling glue yellow feathers to each side of the cup.

    Let it dry completely.

    Put a little Easter grass in each cup and fill with HERSHEY'S Easter chocolates and candies.
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