HERSHEY'S Holiday Gift Jar Craft

HERSHEY'S Holiday Gift Jar



    HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, HERSHEY'S MINIATURES Chocolate Bars (or your favorite HERSHEY'S holiday candy)
    Glass mason jars or decorative gift jars
    Jar lids/rings
    Fabric in Holiday colors or prints
    Decorative elastic cord or ribbon
    Sprigs of holly (optional)


    1. Wash, rinse and dry jars. Fill jars with holiday candy. Amount needed will vary depending on jar size.

    2. Using a large saucer as a template, draw a circle on the inside (wrong side) of the fabric and cut it out. Check to make sure the circle is large enough to cover the mouth of jar with a generous overlap. Size of circle may vary based on size of jar.

    3. Place lid on filled jar, put fabric on top, cover with jar ring and twist on.

    4. Add decorative cord or ribbon around the ring.

    5. For a little extra touch, add a sprig of holly under the ribbon.

    Add one of our printable gift tags and give as gifts to friends, family, teachers, etc. during the holidays.
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