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Fruta cubierta de chocolate Recipe


  • 1 taza de HERSHEY®'S SPECIAL DARK® Chocolate Chips o de HERSHEY®'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1 cdita. de manteca vegetal (no usar mantequilla, margarina, margarina untable o aceite)
  • Surtido de fruta natural, lavada y enfriada


  • 1. Derrite las chispas de chocolate y la manteca vegetal en una cacerola a fuego lento, revuelve hasta que quede suave.
  • 2. Deja que la mezcla se enfríe ligeramente. Sumerge aproximadamente ? de la fruta o las rodajas de fruta en la mezcla de chocolate. Agita suavemente para eliminar el exceso de chocolate.
  • 3. Colócalas en una charola con papel encerado. Refrigera sin cubrir, hasta que el chocolate esté firme, por aproximadamente 30 minutos. Rinde aprox. ½ taza de cobertura de chocolate.
  • CÓMO DERRETIR: Coloca las chispas de chocolate y la manteca en un tazón apto para microondas. Ponlo 1½ minutos a temperatura MEDIA (50%); hasta que las chispas se derritan y queden sin grumos al revolver. Deja que se enfríe ligeramente. Sumerge y sirve la fruta conforme a las instrucciones anteriores.

Ratings & Reviews

    Love this recipe!
    These are SOOOO Good! I have been making these for years!!! They are so rich and goey! This is a winner! you have to like cherries though! I have used pecans and vanilla extract also and it it just as good!
    I am surprised nobody ever rated this before--I have been making these for years! This is a great recipe. They are best chilled but they are good warm out of the oven too. My electricity went off in the middle of my preparation today and I forgot that the brownie layer is supposed to be baked first (I was using the online recipe). I put the top layer on while waiting for the electricity to turn back on. I baked the whole thing for about 40 minutes and they turned out fine.