Chocolatey PAYDAY

Chocolatey PAYDAY Peanut Caramel Bar

This summer, the hardest working candy bar will be covered in chocolatey deliciousness. Chocolatey PAYDAY will deliver PAYDAY'S truckload of peanuts surrounding sweet caramel, but Chocolatey.

Chocolatey PAYDAY bar on a blue background

How Do You Improve on a PAYDAY Bar?

You know how a new coat of paint makes a classic car shine? The addition of chocolatey flavor to the already delicious peanut and caramel flavors makes this beloved candy bar an instant classic!

The Choice is Yours

Fresh new chocolatey finish or tried-and-true traditional ... How would you build your perfect PAYDAY Bar? Vote below!

Get the job done with PAYDAY’S truckload of peanuts in every bar.

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