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Your PAYDAY Candy Bar Owner’s Manual.

Get to it with your PAYDAY Candy Bar Owner’s Manual. It’s the whole PAYDAY Bar story in a nutshell.

Yeah, PAYDAY Bars are Delicious. But How Do They Measure Up?

PAYDAY Bars are offered in a wide array of models to meet your snacking needs, including the sporty 15.2-cm model and the luxury 20.3-cm head-turner.

PAYDAY Bars: No Assembly Required.

What goes into a PAYDAY Bar? A lot of peanuts and the perfect amount of caramel. Simply remove the wrapper and chew like mama taught you.

The Most Versatile Tool in Your Belt

Hungry? Nail it with PAYDAY Bars. They’re the perfect reward for a job well done.


Let’s get nuts.

Check out our full lineup of peanuts and caramel.

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