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Pastel de Coco MOUNDS con forma de canasta de Pascua
Pastel de Coco MOUNDS con forma de canasta de Pascua

Calificación entre todos:

Pastel de Coco MOUNDS con forma de canasta de Pascua


  • 1 paquete (aprox. 18 oz) de mezcla para pastel blanco (con mezcla para pudín)
  • 2 tazas de MOUNDS® Sweetened Coconut Flakes, cantidad dividida
  • BETÚN DE VAINILLA* (ver receta)
  • Dulces JOLLY RANCHER® Jelly Beans
  • HERSHEY®'S MINI KISSES® Brand Milk Chocolates
  • PASTO de COCO* (ver receta)
Pastel de Coco MOUNDS con forma de canasta de Pascua


  • 1. Prepara la masa para el pastel con huevos enteros, tal como se indica en el paquete; incorpora ½ taza de coco. Hornea y enfría conforme a las instrucciones en dos moldes redondos de 9 pulgadas para hornear.
  • 2. Coloca una capa en un platón para servir, con la parte inferior hacia arriba; unta la parte superior con el BETÚN DE VAINILLA*. Coloca la segunda capa encima, con la cara superior hacia arriba. Unta el betún en los lados. Marca un círculo de 6 pulgadas desde el centro de la capa superior. Utiliza un tenedor para retirar suavemente una pequeña cantidad de pastel (del interior del pastel), formando un hueco para permitir llenar posteriormente la canasta. Unta suavemente el betún en los bordes de la parte superior.
  • 3. Corta una pieza de cartón ligero en una tira de 14x¾ pulgadas para usar como agarradera; cubre con envoltura de plástico. Dobla e inserta los extremos de la agarradera en la parte superior del pastel, colocando los extremos a una distancia aproximada de 1 pulgada de los costados; unta el betún. Decora con JOLLY RANCHER® Jelly Beans y TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL® separados en tiras. Una vez que el betún del costado del pastel esté firme, utiliza un tenedor para presionar con los dientes del tenedor en forma vertical y horizontal alternando la dirección hasta formar el patrón de trama de canasta.
  • 4. Coloca el PASTO de COCO* en la parte superior; decora con chocolates HERSHEY®'S MINI KISSES® Brand Milk Chocolates y surtido de dulces. Separa los TWIZZLERS PULL N PEEL® en grupos de tres tiras, tuerce y coloca alrededor del borde superior. Coloca JOLLY RANCHER® Jelly Beans alrededor de la base. Retira la agarradera antes de servir. Rinde 8 porciones de pastel.
  • *BETÚN DE VAINILLA: En un tazón mediano, bate ? de taza de mantequilla suavizada, agrega 1 taza de azúcar glas y 1 cucharadita de extracto de vainilla; bate bien. Agrega 2½ taza de azúcar glas de manera alterna con 3 a 4 cucharadas de leche; bate hasta que tome una consistencia que permita untarlo.
  • *PASTO de COCO: Combina 3 gotas de colorante verde para alimentos con ¾ cucharadita de agua; agrega las 1½ tazas de coco restantes. Revuelve hasta que tome un color uniforme y usa inmediatamente.

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Pastel de Coco MOUNDS con forma de canasta de Pascua Calificaciones y comentarios

    This smelled so good while it was baking, and tasted even better. The only thing I would change is to make a little more crust so it will be enough to go up the sides. It only made enough to cover the bottom. But the cheesecake was thick, about 4 inches high. It's perfect for Thanksgiving dessert. I will definitely make this again.
    Easier to make that I expected. I mixed the crust in a gallon zipper bag to save on dishes and only had 1 mixing bowl to wash. I made if for Thanksgiving this year and am in the process of making another for a Christmas party. It was a huge success and tastes as good as it looks!
    I made this and it was great! oooh, so good. My first time making a cheesecake, I'm glad I chose this one to make!
    Came out really well but was extremely rich! Would love to try it again and cut the cream cheese with some sour cream to try and lighten it up. My co-workers all said it was fantastic except for that!
    Every time I make this, I get rave reviews!
    This is my third Thanksgiving making the pumpkin chocolate chip's always a huge hit! My only recommendation would be to raise the baking temp to 300.
    I love this cheesecake! It's the cheesecake I make a lot know. Everybody thinks it won't be good, but they figure out they are wrong. This one is a keeper.
    i made this cake for Halloween but i used gram cracker crust because i was afraid the chocolate crust would be to rich it turned out delicious yum everyone even the kids liked it
    The BEST pumpkin cheesecake I have ever had.
    This chesecake is amazing! It is so simple to bake and tastes great. It was my first cheesecake and turned out wonderfully. However, I did not have the right amount of chocolate chips, so I melted them and swirled them into the cake once I had poured it into the pan. This created a nice marble effect. The hardest part of this recipe is the chocolate leaves. You have to make sure you load the chocolate on, or they will break. Out of my 5 attempted, only two turned out. Everyone loved the final result, and requested some at Christmas!
    I find this recipe very easy to put together. It looks beautiful and tastes wonderful! I don't use a chocolate crust though I use a plain Jane graham cracker crust and it's perfect. In fact this is the star of the desserts for Thanksgiving this year.
    As a few others have said, this is a rather rich cheesecake, not for the faint of heart either. This wasa the first cheesecake I ever made, but rather than put me off from ever baking one again, it made me love baking cheesecakes! I've made this cheesecake about five times now, and look forward to when I can easily buy all the ingredients in one trip. I can never get the chocolate leaves to turn out right, but the cake is still VERY beautiful!
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