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Mousse de cocoa y cappuchino
Mousse de cocoa y cappuchino

Calificación entre todos:

Mousse de cocoa y cappuchino


  • 1 lata (14 oz) de leche condensada (no leche evaporada)
  • 1/3 taza de HERSHEY®'S Cocoa
  • 3 cdas. de mantequilla o margarina
  • 2 cditas. de café instantáneo, regular o exprés, disuelto en dos cditas. de agua caliente
  • 2 tazas (1 pt.) de crema para batir fría
Mousse de cocoa y cappuchino


  • 1. En una cacerola mediana, mezcla la leche condensada, HERSHEY®'S Cocoa, mantequilla y café. Cocina a fuego lento, revolviendo constantemente, hasta que la mantequilla se derrita y la mezcla quede suave. Retira del fuego y deja enfriar.
  • 2. En un tazón grande, bate la crema para batir hasta que quede dura. Incorpora gradualmente la mezcla de chocolate en la crema batida. Ponlo en los platos en los que vas a servir. Refrigera hasta que esté listo, aprox. 2 horas. Adorna al gusto. Rinde 8 porciones de mousse.

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Mousse de cocoa y cappuchino Calificaciones y comentarios

    I made this recipe with the thought that they would have a similar texture to the peanut blossoms. They do not. The cookie spread into a flat wafer. I even tried chilling the balls of dough before placing them in the oven so they wouldn't spread out quite as far without any success. The cookies taste all right, but are not visually appealing; don't call them chocolate blossoms because it implies that they are just a chocolate version of the peanut blossom.
    Really delicious recipe. However, if you make any adjustment to the recipe (like trying to make 1 dozen instead of 4), make sure to add more flour. As a novice, I didn't add anything extra to the batter even though I thought the batter consistency was very cake-like. I figured since it was going in the fridge it would harden and maybe not resemble cake batter anymore. After they came out of the oven, they had become brownies instead of cookies. They tasted wonderful, just not exactly what I had in mind over cookies. However, I do have a new brownie recipe so it all works out!
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