Witch breaking a kitkat bar


Crisp wafers covered in marshmallow-flavored creme? These limited edition KIT KAT® Witchʼs Brew Bars come in a spooky green that’s sure to enchant.

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The KIT KAT® Flavor Club rewards 200 lucky fans with cool branded swag and a sneak peek at never-before-tasted KIT KAT® Wafer Bar flavors.

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This just in: there’s a new KIT KAT® Duos flavor coming soon to a store near you!

KIT KAT Duos Mocha plus Chocolate
KIT KAT Apple Pie

Apple of My Pie

New KIT KAT® Apple Pie is fresh from the oven. Crisp wafers meet apple pie flavored white crème to make a break that screams summer. But hurry! It’s here for a limited time only.

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The Hershey Company has been making KIT KATR Candy for the U.S. market since 1970. KIT KATR Candy is manufactured in the USA under License from Nestlé - clause 4(c)(v).

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