KIT KAT® Piano Brownies

KIT KAT® Piano Brownies

This is an easy and fun break from your standard brownies. These KIT KAT® Piano Brownies are a great idea for after a piano recital or as a treat at a Halloween or birthday party.


Brownie mix for 9 x 9 baking pan (or use your own recipe)
Store-bought chocolate frosting
6 KIT KAT® White Wafer Bars (1.5-oz packages)
12 KIT KAT® Assorted Miniatures


  • 1. Bake your brownies according to the instructions on the box, or according to the recipe of your choice.
  • 2. Remove brownies from oven. Let stand until brownies are cool. This should take about 30 minutes.
  • 3. Spread frosting on top of brownies, reserving some for the top of the KIT KAT® Bar layer. Lightly press KIT KAT® White Wafer bars into the frosting, forming two rows (3 bars per row).
  • 4. Spread frosting on the unwrapped KIT KAT® Miniatures so that the bottom of the bar is coated. Lightly press them to the top of the KIT KAT® White Wafer Bars to form the black piano keys. Allow to set again before serving.

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