Easy KIT KAT® Brownies

Easy KIT KAT®Brownies

Take a break from complicated desserts and try this simple brownie recipe. Crumbled KIT KAT® Bars make for an easy, crunchy addition, but the secret is the extra layer of chocolate from HERSHEY’S Baking Chips.

10 min
40 min


27 KIT KAT ®Miniatures
Brownie mix or favorite recipe for 8- or 9-inch square baking pan
1 cupHERSHEY'S Baking Chips (any flavor)


  • 1. Remove wrappers from chocolate bars; set aside. Prepare and bake brownie according to package or recipe directions.
  • 2. Immediately after removing brownie from oven, sprinkle chips over brownie surface. Let stand 5 minutes or until chips have softened. Spread melted chips over brownie. Cool an additional 10 to 15 minutes. Evenly space 3 chocolate bars across one edge of brownie. Add 8 additional rows of chocolate bars, pressing in lightly. Cool completely in pan on wire rack. Cut into bars. Makes 27 (1 finger) bars.

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