Small Batch Tips

Tips to Create Your Favorite Desserts in Small Batches

Ever have the desire to make a recipe smaller for those times when you want to make something for a few friends or just yourself?

Certain recipes are not always easily divisible and can cause different results when pan size or oven temperature is not appropriately adjusted.

Here to lend a mini-hand is HERSHEY'S Kitchens with some tips on how to create smaller batches of your favorite recipes:

1. Adjust Ingredient Measurements

Read through the recipe to see if the ingredients can easily be divided. If so, it may just require a little math.

You get into trickier territory if you can’t easily divide ingredients like an egg in half. To divide an egg, just crack open one egg and whisk. You want to keep the same ratio of eggs whites as yoke here, so once the egg is beaten you can measure out half of that mixture and proceed as normal. (The other unused half can be saved for other recipes requiring egg wash).

Alternatively you can proceed to trial and errors. Adding a full egg when it normally requires half will add extra moisture and cause some batters to bake into a different texture. With a little experimentation you can adjust the other ingredients to find a way to rebalance the recipe.

2. Adjust Pan Size

Next, look at the pan sizes. If a recipe can be halved and calls for a 9 x 13 inch pan, it typically bakes well in a 9-inch square pan. If you’re not sure whether a pan will work, however, take the pan that is meant to be used for the full recipe and fill it with water to give you an idea of the volume it holds. Then, transfer that liquid into the pan or pans you want to use. This should give you a reasonable estimate of how much batter will fit. With some minor adjustments, you can usually determine whether you’ll need half or a quarter of the amount in the smaller pan.

3. Adjust Baking Temperature

Using the same baking temperature as the original recipe, but for less time will usually result in positive results. The trick is to know how much less time. To be on the safe side, always start checking it at about the halfway mark for the recommended baking time and judge doneness using the same qualifiers as the original volume recipe. (ex. Until wooden pick inserted into center comes out clean or edges are golden brown, etc.)

With these key tricks, you can feel confident that your confections will still be able to serve your favorite dessert recipes appropriately for any sized group.

To all the small-batch bakers out there,
Bake Happy.

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