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The Secrets to Making Heartwarming Holiday Memories

The holidays are a time to spend with the people you love. But it can be easy to get caught up in the bustle and feel like you missed out. We’ve got some ideas to make the most of the season and make sweet memories along the way.

It can feel like the holidays get more frantic every year. Between neighborhood potlucks and visiting family, office parties and the holiday bake sale you forgot about until the morning of, it can feel like the season turns into a sprint.

But every one of those things you’re running to and from has the potential to be a special holiday moment. And finding some “holiday hacks” to get you through will make each thing on the list more enjoyable.

There are a few ways we’ve found that can turn seemingly stressful holiday moments into moments you’ll remember.

Count down the days, but don‘t skip ahead

We absolutely love advent calendars, don’t get us wrong. But the countdown can turn into a march toward a deadline if you let it run your holiday.

Instead, use the countdown as a way to build in activities you want to do around the other things that feel like things you have to do. Make time for your favorite holiday movies, or baking with kids (not for the bake sale you forgot about, but just because!).

Try combining the two with this advent calendar that ties the countdown to a holiday activity. Plus it’s a great idea for a gift that keeps on giving. Mix and match holiday candy for a new surprise each day.

Find low-stress gifts that are still unique

Maybe an advent calendar isn’t the gift for every scenario. But a gift basket is a holiday staple that can be transformed for any occasion, whether it’s something for a family member or client. If you need unique holiday gift basket ideas, look no further. Mix and match holiday fillers based on your recipient for a gift that keeps your life easy, but still feels personal.

You can try spicing up your stocking stuffers or baskets with these printable holiday candy bar wrappers, and avoid the awful hand cramp of writing a dozen gift tags with these easy to download, holiday gift tag printables.

Find ways to get everyone involved in the baking

Like gift wrapping, holiday baking doesn’t have to be a tiresome evening spent in the kitchen alone. Gather family and friends and make it a holiday baking party! Try making these tasty chocolate shot glasses filled with eggnog for the perfect holiday toast—just be sure to leave an extra for Santa.

Chocolate shot glasses       

If chocolate molds aren’t your thing, no worries. You can sit back and relax with a steaming mug of hot cocoa or coffee with a flavor-swirling chocolate spoon. For an added spin, try adding some candy cane crumbles to the spoon for the perfect blend of chocolatey mint goodness.

You can get the kids involved too! There are plenty of kid-friendly recipes that they’ll love making and everyone will love eating.

More Recipes to Make Together

Make decorating simple with a Holiday Tablescape theme

Now it’s time to set the table—and we’ve got your inspiration to do so. Really bring your place to life with a holiday tablescape theme to wow your guests. We’re a fan of creating a candy topiaries, which make for the perfect (edible) holiday table centerpiece. Try mixing in variations of foil colors to bring more color to the space. Take it a step further by hanging a KISSES Wreath to accompany your advent calendar over by the punch bowl. Sweet!

Don’t be afraid of a “Holiday Hack” or two

Doing it all yourself is awesome. But sometimes there’s not a whole lot of time left for doing it yourself. So don’t feel like you have to!

Even if you can’t turn these holiday tips into action, just try to remember to enjoy each piece of the season as it comes and goes; it only comes around once a year! Whatever you do, spread some heartwarming cheer this season!

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