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Little Black Dress of the Baking World

If there’s one cake that works for every occasion, it’s our “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake.

Here’s a recipe every baker should own: Versatile enough for any occasion, a simple chocolate cake recipe can be dressed up or dressed down, and anyone can pull it off. And just like that little black dress in your closet, there are many ways to wear—we mean bake—this simple chocolate cake recipe that will keep it feeling fresh.

1. One Pan Cake

Simple and understated, yet delicious enough to impress at even the most intimate of gatherings. Plus, the flat top gives you all the real estate to decorate as you please.

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2. Three Layer Cake

All great things come in threes—like these layers of moist chocolate cake, held together by sweet, creamy frosting.

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3. Bundt Cake

The comfort cake. We love bundt cakes because the variety of molds and textures you can use to make them. Drizzle your choice of ganache over this beauty and enjoy.

Bundt Cake with Icing

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4. Cupcakes

Cute, easy, and ready for sharing. Chocolate cupcakes are a sure fire way to win the crowd at your next get-together.

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From all of us at HERSHEY’S Kitchens,

Bake Happy!

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