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How to Make a Beautiful Naked Cake

Making an elegant naked cake takes a bit of practice, but we’ve compiled some tips to help you get a beautiful cake the first time around.

Baking naked cakes is a popular trend that is making the rounds at weddings and holiday gatherings. While it takes a little confidence to forego the traditional frosting, following these simple guidelines will help your naked cake get dressed for success.

1. Start with your favorite cake recipe. In our recipe, we are using a traditional white or vanilla cake and added HERSHEY’S Semi-Sweet Chips to the batter. When baking make sure your baking pans are slick with grease or lined with parchment paper so that your fresh-baked beauties can slide off shapely and intact. Unlike classic cakes, you won’t have any frosting or fondant to cover up those baking imperfections.

The tops and bottoms of the layered cakes can also be sliced for an even, flat surface. The layers can be made ahead of time and should be completely cooled before building your cake—a warm cake will be too difficult to decorate.

2. Bake three pans of your favorite cake in varying sizes, allowing the bottom cake to be slightly bigger than cake layers on top. The layers should allow for space where toppings and frostings can rest comfortably on the “ledges” between each layer.


First Layer of Cake


3. Choose a filling that’s been going to the gym­—it’s got to do some heavy lifting! Buttercream or a thicker whipped frosting are perfect for holding the cake’s layers in place, with a layer of frosting seen between each cake layer. Stack and frost, stack and frost…


Second Layer of Cake


4. Take your naked cake for a skinny-dip. If naked cakes are left on display for too long they can dry out a bit faster than frosted cakes. But it’s nothing that a light brush of syrup, butter, or even coffee can’t fix!

We chose to add a little extra fudge around the base of each cake and pour HERSHEY’S Caramel Flavored Syrup over the top, allowing it to spill down the sides for taste, looks, and another level of moisture.


Third Layer of Cake


5. Once the wet ingredients have been added on the cake, sprinkle your favorite topping on the exposed tops of each cake. We chose to add HEATH Toffee Bits to our cake, as shown below.


Completed Cake


Pro Tip: Naked cakes have been known to slide around while being decorated, so be sure to chill the cake. And if possible, set it on a center dowel if you plan to move it around before serving.

From all of us at HERSHEY’S Kitchens,

Bake Happy! 

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