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Easy Desserts to Make with Boxed Brownie Mix

What's better than your favorite boxed brownie mix? Brownie mix hacks that elevate and transform even the most perfect brownie into a dessert masterpiece!

If you’re the type of baker who always thought box brownie mix should be added to the major food groups, this one’s for you. From classic cake pops to caramel thumbprint cookies, these brownie mix ideas offer clever ways to update the classic brownie.

1. HERSHEY'S Brownie Cake Recipe

Layers of decadent chocolate along with fluffy frosting makes this a gorgeous layer cake that only looks complicated. Add strawberries or raspberries for contrast and serve on a classic pedestal cake plate for a vintage vibe.

chocolate brownie cake

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2. HERSHEY Bar Brownie Squares

Confession time. We had to do a double take when first encountering this recipe. What kind of chocolatey alchemy is this? A brownie that’s a chocolate bar that’s a brownie that’s a dessert treat like no other. The secret is topping each baked brownie square with HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bars for some added oomph.

brownie squares topped with HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bars

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3. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie Bites

This brownie mix idea lets you transform a basic fudge cupcake into an impressive looking anytime treat.

chocolate brownie bites with mini reese's cups

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4. Chocolate Brownie Pops Recipe

You know those pricey and adorable cake pops that call out your name every single time you walk past the bakery? Well, here’s one way to resist: bake a better version at home! These chocolate brownie pops only look complicated to make. And you can have fun decorating them with sprinkles or sugar.

chocolate brownie pops with sprinkles

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5. Confetti Brownies

Hurrah! Here’s a simple but beautiful dessert idea with some sweet surprises. REESE’S MINI PIECES are nestled throughout for both crunch and color, while there’s not one, but two amazing toppings. As if brownie frosting wasn’t enough, there’s an added layer of delicate peanut butter drizzle. Luscious? Oh, yes. Over the top? Not even a little bit!

iced brownies with confetti sprinkles

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6. Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

If you’re ready to up your cookie game, these are the treats to try. Not only do they look beautiful, but there are so many delicious flavors that work perfectly together. Caramel-filled HERSHEY’S KISSES  Milk Chocolates add another layer of delicious to this recipe that elevates brownie mix to a new level.

brownie blossom cookies with caramel HERSHEY'S KISSES

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7. Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Brownies

Bring the holiday spirit to your dessert table with these easy-to-make, difficult to resist peppermint crunch brownies. Is it the fudgy goodness that enhances the fresh minty flavor, or vice-versa? Who cares! These bars are nothing short of perfection.

iced brownies topped with peppermint pieces

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The next time you want recipes using brownie mix, just revisit this holy grail of brownie inspiration. And don't forget these tips for baking the perfect brownie.

From all of us at HERSHEY’S Kitchens,
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