Drinkable Desserts

Drinkable Desserts

Sip, slurp and savor our favorite summertime drinks.

Summer is heating up and those ice cream cones don’t stand a chance. When the heat is on the rise, the best way to keep everyone calm and cool is with a tasty treat. Our favorite summer drinks are not only a delightful way to cool off, but they’re super easy to whip up in a flash.

Just stick a straw in these delicious drinks and enjoy:

1. Chocolate Cherry Milkshake

Put a cherry on top of your summer afternoon with a milkshake so decadent you’ll need a hammock to enjoy it properly.

Milkshake Topped with a Cherry

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2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

Chocolate peanut butter lovers rejoice. This milkshake is sweet and salty and sweet all over again. Easy to make and easier to drink, you’ll be wanting these all summer.

Milkshake Topped with Candy

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3. Chocolate Milkshake

Instant classic. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate milkshake. We add in some extra HERSHEY’S Syrup to give it that extra chocolaty punch.

Chocolate Milkshake with Straw

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4. Frozen Hot Chocolate

For those sweltering days when you ask yourself, “What did I hate so much about winter?” Some Frozen Hot Chocolate is the ultimate comfort cool down.

Frozen Hot Chocolate in Glass with Handle

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5. S’mores-tini

Enjoy a cold one on the rocks. This S’mores-tini is a fun and fancy way to quench that summer sweet tooth—best shaken.

Elegant S'mores Drink in Glasses

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From all of us at HERSHEY'S Kitchens, Bake Happy!

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