Candy Lover's Cake

Celebrate with this Candy Lover’s Cake

Here are some tips for creating the perfect candy cake for your next celebration.

Celebrate with this Candy Lover’s Cake

KIT KAT Cake and Components

This one goes out to the candy lovers. We chose a few of our favorites for this cake, but it’s very versatile and can include some toppings of your choice.

We started ours using the "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" Chocolate Cake Recipe. Let the cake cool and apply the layers and frosting, as the recipe describes. Then the real fun begins...

Cake Topped with Candy

1. Assemble the ingredients: HERSHEY’S HUGS and KISSES Chocolates, ROLO® Caramels, KIT KAT® Bars, and extra chocolate frosting in a piping bag.

2. Start from the bottom up. Line the bottom of your chocolate frosted cake with HERSHEY’S HUGS and/or KISSES Chocolates. Allow the pieces to rest on the serving tray or plate you will use.

KISSES Closeup

3. Layer the sides with individual KIT KAT® Bars. Break the KIT KAT® Bars into the four sticks before pressing into the frosting to allow for easy cutting once assembled. These should reach a little above the cake layers, which will allow you to fill the center easily and ensure those top candies don’t fall off the sides.

KIT KAT Bars stacked

4. For the top of the cake, create an outer circle of HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolates. Unlike the bottom layer, space these out a little more so you can frost around each piece of candy.

5. Finally, top your masterpiece with both full and halved ROLO® Caramels. We recommend refrigerating the ROLO® Caramels before cutting to offer a cleaner look.

Cake Side View

6. Wish that candy lover a happy day and ask them to cut the first piece!

From all of us at HERSHEY'S Kitchens, Bake Happy!

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