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Blondies Have More Fun

Move over, brownies: blondie bars are light, chewy and surprisingly versatile. We’ve compiled our four favorite blondie recipes containing everything from fresh fruit and HERSHEY’S Premier White Chips to decadent dark chocolate drizzle. You’re welcome.

Butterscotch Blondies

Flavorful fair squares made with HERSHEY’S Butterscotch Chips may leave you wondering why it took you so long to go blond.

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Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chip Blondies

These decadent blondies of the peanut butter persuasion come with a few dark streaks. We hear that’s in this year.

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Festive Fruited White Chip Blondies

With HERSHEY’S Premier White Chips, fresh fruit and nuts—these blondies are absolutely amazing. Sources close to us can confirm.

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Sugar Free Chip and Nut Blondie Cake Bars

Mix it up with HERSHEY’S Sugar Free Chocolate Chips and nail that whole nutty, chocolatey vibe you’ve been going for.

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