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Bake Happy

Bake Happy

Hello there fellow bakers,
After a long day of managing hectic schedules, we love nothing more than walking into the kitchen, grabbing the eggs, milk, cocoa powder and getting lost in making a tasty treat. Baking for friends and family lets us express ourselves, explore our creativity and be inspired by fresh ingredients.

In this modern world of convenience where you can run out to the corner store and grab a pre-made box of cupcakes any time of year, bakers choose to spend time in the kitchen whipping up something delicious, because nothing feels as good as getting those whipped peaks just right and nothing brings back childhood memories like the smell of freshly made cookies baking in the oven.

Here at Hershey’s, we get it. And we wanted to establish a space where you can learn from other bakers, share your stories and be inspired. This is also where you’ll be able to get some great tips from HERSHEY'S Kitchens and a few amazing guest bloggers:


Michelle Lopez

Michelle Lopez of Hummingbird High

Michelle Lopez began her blog, Hummingbird High, as a way to stay grounded through various moves, different jobs and frustratingly high altitudes. She is a baker, blogger and photographer. Recently, she published her very first cookbook, “The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.”


Deborah Harroun

Deborah Harroun of Taste and Tell

Deborah Harroun, the woman behind Taste and Tell, focuses on easy, family-friendly recipes to keep her husband and three kids happy. Her love for travel can clearly be seen in the gorgeous food she makes.


Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson of Real Food by Dad

Matt Robinson is part of a baking blog powerhouse. Both he and his wife run food blogs using convenient and affordable ingredients. In addition to the super tasty recipes, Real Food by Dad is a great resource for kitchen shortcuts, kid-rearing tricks, and travel tales.


Christina Lane

Christina Lane of Dessert for Two

Christina Lane founded Dessert for Two when she realized that all her dessert recipes produced portions for 8-10 people, when she was only baking for two. That’s when she decided to put pen to paper, pick up her wooden spoon and recreate her favorite desserts in smaller pans.


Amy Green

Amy Green of Amy Green (Home of Simply Sugar & Gluten Free)

Amy Green is all about creating healthful and delicious meals for her husband and kids. After battling dietary allergies, she’s embraced a sugar-free and gluten-free lifestyle but knows that living a full life means never having to sacrifice flavor. So she created this blog Amy Green to give others the chance to be healthy without having to diet.


Baking is about letting your creativity flow, sharing your heart with friends and family, and expressing who you are through the simple art of food. It’s about being adventurous, trying something new and then embracing the mistakes because who doesn’t love a good challenge? Throughout the fall, Hershey’s will be rolling out new recipes, exciting baking products, tips on technique and hand-selecting decorating ideas so that you can stay updated with the latest trends and wow your entire family and friends.

The best brownie recipe can come from many places – your family, a friend, or your own recipe you have developed through trial and error - and no matter where it comes from, nothing puts a smile on your loved one’s face like warm, gooey, chocolaty goodness. And what could be better than that?

Baking is freedom, is joy, is love. Baking is happiness.

So Bakers:
Welcome to your happy place.

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