6 Mini Desserts

6 Adorable Desserts Perfect for Parties

For those moments when all you want is a taste. Offering variety and perfecting recipes ideal for smaller sizes are the key here.

When it comes to dessert, sometimes all you want is a bite. Or maybe your occasion calls for a variety of finger desserts. Or maybe you just think mini desserts are more adorable and that makes them more delicious (because they are and it does).

Whatever the reason, we’ve created a few recipes for delicious, bite-sized desserts.

1. Espresso–Filled Mini Cakes

Mmmm. Rich chocolate cake with espresso cream filling is a coffee lover’s dream dessert. Everyone will want a whole cake to themselves, and they can—they’re mini!

Espresso Mini Cake

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2. Peanut Butter Cup Mini Cupcakes

The perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter packed into a satisfyingly good mini cupcake—it’s like a mouthful of heaven.

Reese's Mini Cupcake

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3. Rich ’n Good Chocolate Truffles

What dessert is more perfect for sharing than truffles? These rich chocolate truffles are so good it will be hard not to keep them all for yourself.

Rich and Good Truffle

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4. Tiny MINI KISSES Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut butter blossoms are an easy classic for a quick cookie recipe. And here we have it in mini form! Try this recipe for bite-sized blossoms.

Peanut Butter Blossom

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5. Meltaway Brownie Bites

Who can say no to a brownie, especially when they come in these cute mini cupcake–sized bites! They’re rich, chocolatey, and topped with HERSHEY’S KISSES for an extra delight.

Brownie Bites

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6. Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes

When it comes to cheesecake, it seems everyone always “just wants a bite.” Well, this makes things easier.

Mini Cheesecakes

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