Top This: 4 Easy Homemade Frostings

Top off your dessert with a little extra love in the form of homemade frosting.

Topping off your cake with a homemade frosting is an easy way to add another personal touch to your dessert. And every baker should have some staple frosting recipes on hand for any occasion that calls for a touch of something sweet and creamy.

We have a ton of delicious twists on frosting, but we’ve picked our four most classic and versatile recipes for you to stash away in your recipe library.

1. Vanilla Frosting

A solid vanilla frosting recipe will come in handy time after time. And because it’s so easy, you’ll never want to buy a can of vanilla frosting again.

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2. Chocolate Chip Vanilla Frosting

Okay now, take that delicious vanilla frosting you just made and add HERSHEY’S Mini Semi-Sweet Chips. It’s such an easy way to take a basic chocolate cake and turn it into something with an exciting new appetite appeal.

Chocolate Chip Vanilla Frosting

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3. "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Frosting

The name speaks for itself with this recipe. That rich, HERSHEY’S chocolate taste with the smoothness of this creamy frosting is a no brainer for all your chocolate on chocolate delicacies.

Perfectly Chocolate Frosting

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4. "Perfectly Chocolate" SPECIAL DARK Frosting

For your dark chocolate lovers, this recipe is as decadent as it sounds. A rich, dark chocolate frosting is an indulgent way to dress up any baked good for a more refined dessert.

Special Dark Frosting

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For more sweet baking ideas, check out our full range of recipes here.

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