Magical Bites

Magical Bites

Perfect for fairy parties, birthday parties or a sweet treat anytime, these delightful miniature wafflewich desserts are so cute, you'll want seconds!

10 min


2 mini Kellogg’s© EggoMinis® Original waffles, toasted and cooled
1 mini scoop ice cream
HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Dark Chocolate Chips
HERSHEY’S CHIPITS White Chocolate Chips
Smucker’s® Magic Shell® Chocolate Flavoured Topping


    1. Top bottom Kellogg’s© EggoMinis® waffle with ice cream.

    2. Top with remaining Kellogg’s© EggoMinis® waffle.

    3. Roll in HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Dark Chocolate Chips.

    4. Top with additional ice cream and cover with Smucker’s® Magic Shell® Chocolate Flavoured Topping. Serve immediately.

    Makes 1 Magical Bites Waffleich.

    *© 2018, Trademark of Kellogg Company used under licence by Kellogg Canada Inc.
    ©/® Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. or its affiliates.

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