Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake Recipe

This blended beauty combines three flavours you love - banana, peanut butter and chocolate. So rich and delicious!

5 min

SKILL LEVEL : BeginnerPREP TIME : 5  Minutes


2 1/2 cupsmilk (625 mL)
1 ripe banana (1)
2 tbspHERSHEY’S Cocoa (30 mL)
1/2 cup35% whipping cream, whipped (125 mL)
2 tspCHIPITS Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (10 mL)
2 tbspchopped roasted salted peanuts (30 mL)
1/2 cupchocolate ice cream (125 mL)


    1. In blender, combine milk, banana, ice cream, peanuts and cocoa. Blend until smooth.

    2. Pour into 5 glasses. Top with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

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