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Our Story

A Pioneer

Incredible and inspiring, our story starts with one determined pioneer, Milton S. Hershey, but quickly becomes so much more.

Happiness Focused

Raised in rural PA, Milton was known for his kind spirit. He genuinely wanted to make people happy—and so he did with his famous chocolate.

Simple Goodness

For Milton Hershey, happiness started with simple ingredients, simple processes, and sharing smiles by sharing HERSHEY'S chocolate.


Once upon a time...

How did the Hershey Chocolate Company begin?



After walking away from two unprofitable confectionery ventures, Milton Hershey's spirits lifted when his caramel company was a hit.


The company introduced HERSHEY'S cocoa—the very first HERSHEY'S product available to the public. And that’s when the HERSHEY'S brand was born.


Over 100 years ago, chocolate was a luxury only the rich enjoyed. When Milton built his factory, he made the treat affordable to everyone.


Hoping to give workers a better quality of life, Milton built a model town complete with trolley systems, houses, schools, and even a zoo.


Knowing that happy workers made better workers, Milton built Hersheypark so employees and their families could relax, unwind, and have fun.


When HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolates were first introduced, they were wrapped “by hand” in foil. Talk about a labor of love.


The Milton Hershey School opened, giving orphaned boys—who were typically excluded from polite society—educations and decent, happy lives.


Thanks to HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup being sold in stores, kids could enjoy homemade chocolate milk with their moms and dads. Excitement central!


The first S'mores recipe appeared in the Girl Scout handbook. Folklore tells us the name came about because everyone asked for "some more!"


Milton Hershey funded the "Great Building Campaign" in Hershey, PA—putting 600 men to work during the Great Depression.


Before Milton Hershey passed away, he entrusted his entire wealth to care for the company, town and charitable schools and institutions.


Milton Hershey’s legacy of education and goodness—lives on to this day.


One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy.

Milton Hershey

Derry, PA. April 9, 1879


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