Savor a candy bar with a full orchestra of flavor. Discover the origins of Hershey’s extra-creamy milk chocolate bars, or choose a size to see ingredients, nutrition information and more.

The History of SYMPHONY Bars

Hershey debuted SYMPHONY Chocolate Bars in 1989 after five years of development. SYMPHONY Chocolate Bars were a new product that featured a milder, more milky style of milk chocolate, popular in Europe.

Prior to today’s SYMPHONY Bars, Mr. Hershey introduced their predecessor, the Mild and Mellow milk chocolate bar, in 1934. This bar remained in production until the end of 1941, when it was discontinued due to sugar rationing during World War II.

What’s in SYMPHONY Bars

SYMPHONY Bars have the same ingredients as classic HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bars, but in different amounts. The result is a creamier milk chocolate that tastes similar to European varieties.

Unwrapped Symphony Chocolate Bar

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