MR. GOODBAR Candy Bars

These crunchy chocolate bars have been around for nearly a century. Learn about the history of MR. GOODBAR Candy Bars, browse sizes and more.

The History of MR. GOODBAR Candy Bars

Milton S. Hershey invented MR. GOODBAR Candy Bars in 1925. According to the chemist who helped develop the crunchy chocolate bar, Mr. Hershey was hard of hearing. When a company executive said “That's a good bar,” Mr. Hershey heard “Mister Goodbar”—and the name stuck.

What’s in MR. GOODBAR Bars

MR. GOODBAR Candy Bars are made of smooth chocolate and crunchy peanuts. They come in a variety of sizes, from standard 1.75-oz. bars to king size and miniatures.

Mr. Goodbar

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