People have been enjoying this chocolate and caramel candy for almost a century. Learn about the history of MILK DUDS Chewy Caramels and see products.

The History of MILK DUDS Candy

MILK DUDS were introduced in 1928 by F. Hoffman & Co. of Chicago. That same year, the company was taken over by Milton J. Holloway.

MILK DUDS Candy got their name because their maker found it impossible to get the chocolate-covered caramels to form perfectly round balls, so he called them “duds.”

Today, MILK DUDS Chewy Caramels are owned and made by Hershey.

What’s in MILK DUDS Caramels

MILK DUDS Candy are made of chewy caramel covered in rich milk chocolate. They come in a variety of package sizes, from the classic movie theater box to resealable cartons.

MILK DUDS commercial still frame

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