HEATH Toffee Bars

With their crunchy English toffee and smooth milk chocolate, HEATH Candy Bars have been a favorite for almost a century. Discover their history and see products.

Heath Bar

What’s in a HEATH Bar

HEATH Bars are made of English toffee covered in a thick layer of smooth milk chocolate. They come in a variety of sizes, from standard and king-size candy bars to miniatures and baking chips.

The History of HEATH Bars

HEATH Bars were invented in 1928 by two brothers named Bayard and Everett Heath. Their dad, L.S. Heath, owned a dairy and a combination ice cream parlor/candy shop in Illinois.

Early on, local consumers could have HEATH Bars delivered with their milk. Then in 1932 the Heath brothers slowly began marketing their candy bar internationally.

Until 1942, the chocolate-coated English toffee HEATH Bars were made by hand using a copper kettle, stirring paddle, marble slab and a rolling knife.

Who Makes HEATH Bars

The Heath family sold HEATH Bars to Leaf, Inc. in 1989. The Hershey Company acquired Leaf in 1996, and has been manufacturing HEATH Bars ever since.

HEATH Bar Toffee Break commercial still frame

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