5TH AVENUE Candy Bars

5TH AVENUE Candy Bars were created in 1936—and they’ve been delighting chocolate lovers ever since.

Unwrapped 5TH AVENUE Candy Bar

What’s in a 5TH AVENUE Bar

5TH AVENUE Bars are made of crunchy peanut butter in a rich chocolate coating. Choose a size below to see nutrition information and other details.

The History of 5TH AVENUE Bars

Luden’s, Inc. of coughdrop fame introduced 5TH AVENUE Candy Bars in 1936. The new bars were named after New York City’s stylish Fifth Avenue. The original bars contained a crunchy peanut butter center, topped with toasted almonds and coated in milk chocolate.

Who Makes 5TH AVENUE Bars

Hershey purchased Luden’s, Inc. in 1986, and has been making 5TH AVENUE Candy Bars ever since.

5th Avenue commercial freeze frame

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