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Why Candy is Important?

Candy is the largest snacking category

Consumers purchase candy to meet many different needs

Candy is highly profitable and is purchased by 97% of U.S. households

High impulsivity of candy makes secondary merchandising important in basket building


How Candy is Shopped

Candy purchasing happens quickly

25% of consumers will not buy candy if they can’t find what they’re looking for

Organizing candy placement by how consumers make decisions is important to helping shopper navigate the section


Top Purchased Candy Items

On-the-go nature of convenience stores driven instant consumable sales

King Size and Standard Bars account for 57% of total candy sales

Top 20 King and Standard Items

Top 20 Gum and Mint Items

Top 20 Peg and Hand-to-Mouth (HTM) Items


Importance of Seasonal Candy

Seasonal candy is driving growth, Convenience channel is still underdeveloped, leaving opportunity for many retailers

Seasonal candy sales occur in addition to everyday items, only a few items needed to capture majority of sales

Begin small with countertop boxes and build toward dedicated seasonal space