Inspired Chocolate. Empowering Women


Susie Picken Burch
DAGOBA Brand Manager

When you unwrap a DAGOBA Organic Chocolate bar, it’s a little like opening a book. Beyond the fruity and floral cacao notes, each bar tells a story of time and place. It’s a tale of the farmers who harvest the cacao beans, a whisper from the land where it grows, a taste of the community that brings it to life.

Right now, DAGOBA, which is one of America’s original, organic artisan chocolate brands, is celebrating two important holidays: World Rainforest Day (June 22) and its 16th birthday. To honor those special occasions, we’re sharing our story in a variety of ways as we launch a new look, release new flavors and announce something we’re especially proud of: the One for All Cacao Project, a nonprofit initiative that empowers women living in areas where we source our cacao beans, which come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Peru, Tanzania, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.  

This latest chapter is one that’s made possible through Hershey, which has supported DAGOBA in expanding in new directions—including this deep commitment to corporate social responsibility—while preserving the qualities that distinguish it among other artisan chocolates.

As a part of the One for All Cacao Project, I recently visited San Juan De Cheni, a remote village tucked in the Andes mountains and enshrouded by the rainforest of Peru. There, I met a farming community who shares a universal love of the land. Their story is one of resilience. In the 1980s, a militant group of rebels sought to claim their territory and their crops. In response, generation after generation of cacao farmers resisted, defending their property and their beloved beans. Today, those cacao trees stand proud, and their fruits fill our chocolate bars, bringing with them a story of strength and a taste of the courageous land.

I’m excited about the One for All Cacao Project, because it will allow us to shine a light on the unique challenges and opportunities facing women who grow and harvest cacao in San Juan de Cheni. During my visit there, I had the chance to meet with a number of community members to discuss how we, at DAGOBA, can support them and their village. In coming weeks on this blog, you, too, will be able to meet some of those women and read about the ways that this project will invest in grassroots programs they need.

If you know DAGOBA, then you probably know our motto: “Tastes Good, Does Good.” Over the last 15 years, DAGOBA has stayed true to its original mission to source unique chocolate and other ingredients with respect to the sustainability of the planet and individual communities. DAGOBA organic chocolate bars are made from USDA certified organic cacao beans which come, as mentioned, from Rainforest Alliance Certifiedfarms along with Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. Now, we’re reaching even further to empower women in those cacao communities.

Today, DAGOBA is expanding nationally so it’s easy for customers to find—just visit your local Target. There, you’ll discover four new bars, some of which include new flavor infusions of fruits, herbs and flowers (those unique infusions have practically become synonymous with DAGOBA). Look for our DAGOBA Organic Extra Dark Chocolate with 84% cacao; DAGOBA Organic Picante Chocolate with Chilies and Nibs with 74% cacao; DAGOBA Organic Ginger Lime Milk Chocolate with 37% cacao; and the brand’s first white chocolate, DAGOBA Organic Raspberry Mint White Chocolate. As you unwrap each bar, I encourage you to consider how each bite is filled with history, and now, with the One for All Cacao Project, an inspiring future.

Stay tuned to read how DAGOBA plans to empower women and their communities through One For All Cacao.