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Famous Events on Valentine's Day

While enjoying your Valentine's Day chocolates or choosing that perfect Valentine's Day gift basket, remember a few of the historical events that occurred on Valentine's Day. The holiday represents more than just Valentine's Day gifts and romance. Some of the most monumental events in United States history occurred on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

  1. 1847
    Anna Howard Shaw, influential leader of the women's suffrage movement, was born.
  2. 1859
    Oregon was admitted to the Union as the 33rd state.
  3. 1870
    Esther Morris became the world's first female justice of the peace.
  4. 1903
    Department of Commerce and Labor established.
  5. 1912
    Arizona became the 48th state of the Union.
  6. 1919
    United Parcel Service forms.
  7. 1920
    The League of Women Voters was founded in Chicago.
  8. 1924
    Thomas Watson founded International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).
  9. 1929
    Seven rivals of mobster Al Capone are murdered, remembered as the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre."
  10. 1929
    Sir Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin.
  11. 1946
    The world's first all-electronic computer was unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania, ENIAC.
  12. 1948
    NASCAR's first race.
  13. 1967
    Aretha Franklin records "Respect."
  14. 1978
    First "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments.