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HERSHEY'S HUGS & KISSES Sweetheart Roses Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Chocolates or HUGS Chocolates, in pink and red foils
  • Florist tape
  • Safe confectioners' glue
  • Artificial leaves (optional)
  • Florist wire
  • Ribbon
  • Clear cellophane or plastic wrap
  • Flower Gift Box (optional)

How to Make

  • For each candy rose, spread confectioners' glue on bottom of one foil-wrapped chocolate. Firmly press the bottom of another chocolate to it.

  • Insert florist wire into one pointed end of double chocolate. Wrap 4-inch square of clear cellophane around double chocolate, twisting cellophane tightly around chocolate.

  • Starting at bottom of rose, wrap florist tape around edges of cellophane, continuing down the full length of wire with tape. Add 1 or 2 artificial leaves, if desired, securing leaves in place with florist tape.

  • Tie two or more candy roses together with a bow to make a bouquet.