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Candy Friendship Bracelets

Candy Friendship Bracelets Craft

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  • TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists, two to three packs
  • Scissors
  • Small jars or other decorative containers (optional)

  • Using a sharp knife, cut TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists into 1/2" pieces. These will be your beads. Separate one TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy into individual strands. Take one strand and tie a knot at the end, leaving approximately 2" to tie the finished bracelet together. Repeat for each bracelet. Have children string the beads onto a strand of TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy, leaving 1" of room at the end. Encourage them to experiment with different color combinations. Tie another knot at the end of the finished bracelet, and then tie the bracelet around your child's wrist by making a third knot. If you don't have enough room or the TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy breaks, you can also attach the bracelet by simply pinching the two ends of TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy together. For a fun party or classroom activity, create candy friendship bracelet "kits" by placing beads and a few strands of TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy into small jars or other decorative containers. (Each bracelet requires approximately 10 1/2" beads.)
  • Completed craft is for decorative purposes only. Candy used in craft should not be eaten. *Parents: Please make sure you help your kids with this activity.

Candy Friendship Bracelets

Candy Friendship Bracelets

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