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Candy Friendship Bracelets Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists, two to three packs
  • Scissors
  • Small jars or other decorative containers (optional)

How to Make

  • Using a sharp knife, cut TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists into 1/2" pieces. These will be your beads.

  • Separate one TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy into individual strands. Take one strand and tie a knot at the end, leaving approximately 2" to tie the finished bracelet together. Repeat for each bracelet.

  • Have children string the beads onto a strand of TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy, leaving 1" of room at the end. Encourage them to experiment with different color combinations.

  • Tie another knot at the end of the finished bracelet, and then tie the bracelet around your child's wrist by making a third knot. If you don't have enough room or the TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy breaks, you can also attach the bracelet by simply pinching the two ends of TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy together.

  • For a fun party or classroom activity, create candy friendship bracelet "kits" by placing beads and a few strands of TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy into small jars or other decorative containers. (Each bracelet requires approximately 10 1/2" beads.)

  • Completed craft is for decorative purposes only. Candy used in craft should not be eaten.

  • *Parents: Please make sure you help your kids with this activity.