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Spread the joys of the season with these Christmas activities.
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Party-Planning Ideas

A few bright ideas can really brighten up your holiday. Give a gift that makes someone smile. Spice up your décor with a few extra touches. Add some pizzazz to your party and make it one for the ages. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

Go high-tech with the slide show
Instead of Uncle Bill clicking through pictures of his trip to Alaska on a slide projector, go multimedia. Create a DVD of pictures and music that can play on your television while guests mix and mingle. A lot of computers have programs that make it easy to create DVD slideshows-or you can use an in-store kiosk. Some cameras and digital music players can output video to your television, too.

Convert your kitchen
Somehow, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Maybe it's because that's where the food is. Maybe it's because that's where you are, making it. Maybe it's time to just embrace it. If you have room, slide a chair or two against the wall. Put out some snacks. But, most importantly, get an extra cutting board and put those kitchen visitors to work!

Mini marshmallow roast
Craving s'mores but can't exactly have a campfire? Here's a silly but scrumptious idea: Buy mini marshmallows and toast them on skewers or toothpicks over a (unscented) candle! Don't forget the graham crackers and HERSHEY'S chocolate, of course.

Holiday karaoke
A twist on caroling that you can do in your own home. If you have a karaoke setup, you can probably find a collection of holiday songs to keep handy. Or, get clever and download midi music files and lyrics off the web!

Unexpected guests
Have a few extra gifts on hand. Stock up on HERSHEY'S POT OF GOLD boxed chocolates or HERSHEY'S EXTRA DARK Truffles for delicious, last minute gifting solutions. Not enough time to bake that huge assortment of homemade cookies this year? Include indulgent store bought cookies onto your cookie tray. HERSHEY'S chocolate enrobed and sandwich cookies will round out your holiday assortment nicely.

Cookie party!
Get together with friends and bake away! The best part, of course, is having a glass of wine while you wait for everything to finish baking. Alternatively, just get together and swap cookies that you each baked in your own kitchens.

Fondue will do
You can start with melted cheese, but there's nothing like melted chocolate to break the ice. Dust off your fondue pot for a nice meal or snack that brings people together and encourages conversation.