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Holiday Gift Ideas

A few bright ideas can really brighten up your holiday. Give a gift that makes someone smile. Spice up your décor with a few extra touches. Add some pizzazz to your party and make it one for the ages. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

Movies you can watch together
After all the gift-giving is done, it's time to relax. Give each other a couple of movies that you know you all enjoy while you wind down.

Cute coupons
Sometimes the best gift is a little bit of yourself. Print out a few ''coupons'' redeemable for things like snow shoveling, back rubs, or a home made dinner. Make the holiday spirit last!

Don't forget gift tags
When all the gift wrapping's done, it's easy to forget who gets what. Here are some printable gift tags you can use to remedy the situation.

Skip the prescriptive presents
Sure, Uncle Bill could really use a membership to the local gym. And Aunt Betty might like to take up bowling. But, instead of giving well-intended presents that can be perceived as insulting or pushy, it's better to stick to gifts that fit people as they are.

Everybody's gotta eat
Food and drink can be great universal gifts. Bake some cookies and put them in a nice tin. Make some mulled wine and put it in an attractive bottle with a ribbon around the neck. You could also consider giving a gift certificate to a friend's favorite restaurant.

Set some rules
Gift giving can sometimes get out of control. It can be a good idea to set a budget ahead of time, or you can go with a fun gift-giving scheme like ''Secret Santa,'' where everyone shops for just one person.

A heartwarming gift
When you have plenty, it can feel nice to give to causes you believe in, instead of accumulating more stuff you don't need. You can ask friends and family ahead of time to skip the presents this year and just donate to a charity you like.

Get personal
Nothing shows you care like a gift that took time and thought to put together. You can knit a scarf, make a collage of family photos, or just design your own holiday cards using a computer or scrapbooking materials.