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Spread the joys of the season with these Christmas activities.
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Decorating Ideas

A few bright ideas can really brighten up your holiday. Give a gift that makes someone smile. Spice up your décor with a few extra touches. Add some pizzazz to your party and make it one for the ages. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

Get out the gift wrap
For a fun addition to your holiday decorating, take down some of the pictures on your wall, wrap them like presents (complete with ribbons and bows), and hang them back up. If you're feeling really festive, wrap the whole front door.

Change up the décor
If you have extra accessories that have more holiday spirit, now's the time to take them out. Change the throw pillows, put out a quilt to snuggle into, even snag a holiday-themed doormat to wipe your boots on.

Do some card tricks
If you've been hoarding old holiday cards in a shoe box somewhere, now's the perfect time to haul them out. You can display them, let the kids make mobiles, or even frame your favorites to use as decorations.

Go natural
Mother Nature is the best decorator of them all. Borrow some of her style by plucking pine cones off the ground and using them as ornaments, spray painting strands of ivy with gold or silver, or snipping off holly tree or evergreen branches to use as interior accents. If you have a tree outside your window, drape strings of popcorn over it and let the birds be lively ornaments!

It's all about the lighting
If you use candles or string lights during the holidays, don't drown them out with overbearing light from other sources. If you don't have dimmers or three-way bulbs, invest in lower wattage bulbs. You'll certainly have better ambiance, and maybe even a lower electricity bill.

Ornaments can be almost anything
Don't have a big ornament collection yet? Just looking to add some interest? Start shuffling through your drawers: try cookie cutters, pictures, doilies (look like snow flakes), toys, costume jewelry...the possibilities are endless.

Swap out the accessories
If you already have knick-knacks strewn across your shelves, holiday decorations can make your home seem really cluttered. Place some of your year-round knick-knacks with new holiday versions. Then, when the season is over (and you finally get around to it), switch the decorations back. They'll feel brand new again!

Mirror, mirror, on the...table?
The holidays are all about bringing light to the darkest time of the year. Mirrors can be a great way to amplify the effect. Try placing little mirrors on the table covered with shimmering confetti. You can also place small candles around them.

Dream up a theme
Feeling uninspired about decorating this year? Spice it up by thinking of a theme. You could go with snowmen, toyland, old fashioned, different cultures, family memories, Hollywood-you get the idea.