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TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists Frozen Brains

Things You'll Need
  • TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists
  • Medium-sized bowl or plastic brain mold
  • Frozen raspberries
  • 16 oz. cranberry juice
  • Glass trifle dish
How to Make
  • 1

    1. Start by laying a TWIZZERS Rainbow Twist in the center of your bowl. Lay a second TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twist in a subtle “S” curve on either side. Continue to fill in the first layer with TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists, varying the colors as you go.

  • 2

    2. Overlap TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists for the next layer. Push gently to adhere TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists to the bowl and each other.

  • 3

    3. Finish by laying a ring of TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists end to end along the top of the bowl, at least 2" below the edge.

  • 4

    4. Break up frozen raspberries and tuck around the TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists.

  • 5

    5. Add cranberry juice to cover, leaving a half-inch of space at the top.

  • 6

    6. Freeze until firm.

  • 7

    7. When ready to serve, dip the back of the bowl in warm water until the brain releases. Flip over and place in a glass trifle dish, then pour cranberry juice over the top.

TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists Frozen Brains

TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists Frozen Brains

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