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Halloween Fun Stuff

Spread some seasonal fun with these great Halloween-themed activities

Party Planning Ideas

Let the whole family join in the fun of planning a Halloween party. Try these creative ideas to get started. Check out our tips on how to bring your Halloween party theme to life including matching party invitations. Don't forget to check out our HERSHEY'S recipes, crafts and activities, and decorating ideas to complete the look while you're here!

Easy Party Invitations

You'll need:

  • Orange and black construction paper
  • Stencils or templates of Halloween shapes
  • Colored inks
  • Colored envelopes
  • Halloween stickers
  • Scissors

Make unique Halloween invitations in a snap with orange and black construction paper. Cut out fun Halloween shapes, such as pumpkins or bats. Use colored inks to include your personal greeting inside, along with matching envelopes. Stickers can also help bring your theme to life.

Fun Party Favors

To make Ghost Necklaces, you'll need:

  • Confectioners glue
  • Wax paper
  • HERSHEY'S Candy bits
  • Black yarn

Using confectioners glue, spread glue thinly on wax paper to make a ghost shape. Use candy bits for facial features. Allow the shape to dry during the party. When it's almost dry, gently remove it from the wax paper and poke a hole through the head. Now let it dry completely. To finish the necklace, thread it with black yarn. To make Ghostly Goodies, you'll need:

  • HERSHEY'S Candies
  • White fabric
  • Black yarn
  • Black marker

Place a few HERSHEY'S Candies in the middle of a 9-inch circle of white fabric. Gather up the candy in the center and tie with a piece of black yarn. Then use a black marker to make ghostly facial features!

Candy Paper Rings

You'll need:

  • Leftover HERSHEY'S candy wrappers
  • HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates
  • Glue

To create paper rings for your Halloween party, fold leftover candy wrappers and fit them to your finger size. Glue a HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolate on top.

Monster Feet Candy Holders

You'll need:

  • Orange construction paper or poster board
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Black paper cups
  • Colored pipe cleaners or ribbon
  • HERSHEY'S Halloween candies

Draw or trace a foot on a folded circle of orange construction paper or poster board. Cut out the foot, avoiding cuts on the fold. When they are cut out, you should have two feet. Use a glue gun to attach black paper cups to the feet. To create a handle, punch holes in the cups near the top. Then thread colored pipe cleaner or ribbon through them. Secure at the top for easy carrying. Fill your candy holders with an assortment of HERSHEY'S Halloween candies.