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Halloween Fun Stuff

Spread some seasonal fun with these great Halloween-themed activities

Decorating Tips

Cast a spell over your home

Welcome trick-or-treaters or partygoers young and old with Halloween decorating ideas that will make your home the best on the block.


  • Use a combination of colorful gourds, pumpkins, hay bales and corn stalks to create a fall scene on a front porch or around a driveway light post. Decorate around landscaping with random pumpkins and bright, hardy mums too. Place a homemade scarecrow in the hay bale for extra fun.
  • Light luminaries along the trick-or-treaters walkway to your front door on Halloween night for a spooky glow.
  • Place decorative tombstones in the front yard, piling fresh dirt in a mound to appear as though fresh graves were dug. For a ghostly feel, add a luminary or old lanterns beside a few of the tombstones and leave an old shovel into the ground beside another.
  • Hang a fall themed wreath on your front door. Or create one using plastic leaves and festive ribbon found at a craft store.


  • Use plastic, store bought fall leaves to decorate shelves, a fireplace mantel or to use as part of a fall centerpiece. Surround with family created crafts or bowls of HERSHEY'S Halloween candy to add to the festive look.
  • Create a Halloween centerpiece using fall themed items at a craft store. Surround your creation with small pumpkins and gourds, or leaves from the outdoors.
  • Using fall colored construction paper, cut out spiders and cobwebs to hang from lights around the house. Then cut bat shapes out of black craft foam and hang them from the ceiling using fishing string and tacks.
  • Scatter or pile dried leaves in corners around the house to bring the outdoors "in" for an unexpected but unique party look.